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Swechha / స్వేచ్ఛ song review

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

పనికి ఐదు నిమిషాలు సెలవని...Paniki aidhu nimishalu selavani...

Can you take a break of just five minutes for a true audio as well as visual treat- కదలనీ గడపదాటి మనసుని పదమని పనికి నేడు సెలవని...?? Try watching and listening to this lilting music video, Swechha, following the lovely lyrics.

Swechha telugu private song review by Harinath Babu
Swechha Telugu Song Video Capture

For those five minutes you'll be transported to such picturesque, tranquil surroundings you'll not want to leave as you hum

రేపటి సంగతి వీలుగా పక్కనుంచుదాం, నేటి ఈక్షణానికి కులాస జోరు పెంచుదాం

Swechha telugu private song review by Harinath Babu
Take leave from work for 5 minutes and ask heart to fly into dreams

Directed by Srinu Pandranki, Choreographed by Srinu Pandranki and Harinath Devara, Cinematography by Harinath Devara, Lyrics by Ramajogaiah Sastry, Music by Shravan Bharadwaj. Srinu and his team deserve a pat for giving us this musical time off.

Watch the music video:

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