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Keka - Story




The movie begins in Kolkata and a home for street children. Arjun (Raja) tries to teach music to the children and he is originally from Hyderabad. There in Kolkata a group tries to attack and kill Arjun.where his flashback starts. The protagonist Arjun goes fishing with his friends. He meets Sujatha (Ishana) there, and their introduction blossoms into love. Sujatha's parents are against their love and arrange her marriage with Kiran (Anup) who happens to be a close friend of Arjun. Learning about the marriage fixing, Arjun leaves for Kolkata just to keep away from Sujatha; he does not want to be a cause for a disturbance in their life. An incident takes place between Arjun and Sujatha and from then on she starts hating him. Who is responsible for the incident? Will Arjun ever get to see Sujata? How does Kiran help amidst the sorrow and separation? All this forms the rest of the story.

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