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Harinath Babu's early days in the theatre

Harinath enjoyed narrating stories from his childhood. He made extra efforts to enthrall his audiences, be it friends or relatives or huge crowds. He never let an opportunity go away to perform as that’s what gave him immense pleasure.  On many occasions, he participated in monoacting, elocutions conducted by Vivekananda Youth Association / Vivekananda Yuva Kendram and won many accolades and prizes. To learn Sanskrit, Harinath joined Ramakrishna Mutt during his graduation. On Vivekananda’s birthday, 12 Jan, every year Ramakrishna Mutt organises many cultural programs - plays / dramas were written in English based on Vivekananda’s speeches and essays. Harinath’s passion to act while narrating took an important turning point when he participated in those plays. He used to help the writer and the director of the plays and simultaneously act in various roles in those plays. For 3 years, without leaving any opportunity he participated in the programs fueling his childhood passion of acting and directing. 


Through a couple of friends, Harinath came to know of Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University and Central University which are offering courses on Theatre related subjects. Once he finished his graduation, Harinath joined Telugu University and completed his post graduation in theatre direction and multimedia. As part of his learning, he acted and directed many plays during his theatre days. Arguably, theatre is the mother of all storytelling art forms. Harinath learnt a lot from script level to staging the play live to the audience. Each and every person is trained for 15-20 days prior to the live show, to learn their dialogues with diction, emote appropriate emotions while acting, costumes tried to inherently feel the role of the character one is playing, and the entire team had to rehearse. with the stage set, positions taken, lights, sound, music, etc., with everything tested and intact before the final show. 


Ma Illu Mayam Ayindi




Yuva Sena English Play


Viveka Sena Play

Viveka Yuva Sena Play




Middle row centre - Late Swami Paramarthanada (then President of Ramakrishna Mutt), Top row first from right - Harinath as judge, Middle row first from left - Balakrishna, Writer of the play Viveka Sena

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