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Harinath Babu as an Associate Director, Preproduction - List of films



Director: Krishna Vamsi

Associate Director: Harinath Babu

After the completion of Sasirekha Parinayam, Harinath Babu got the opportunity to work with director Krishna Vamsi again. While working for Mahatma project, Harinath’s mother was hospitalised and he could not continue in order to attend to his mother. Harinath reluctantly took leave from Krishna Vamsi after filing and submitting all the preproduction work done so far to Krishna Vamsi. Later, Harinath came to know via another codirector, Anand that director Krishna Vamsi had said that his mind synchronised very well with Harinath and due to personal reasons Harinath couldn’t continue with the project. He also wondered aloud in dismay that now he has to deal with a new team for Mahatma.  Harinath inscribed those words with delight in his heart as if he had won an award from his Guru for his good work! It was unanimous for him when he received applauds from another cowriter who observed director Krishna Vamsi and Harinath on the sets of Sasirekha Parinayam.



Director: Teja

Associate Director: Harinath Babu

Codirector Anand was impressed by the working skills and abilities of associate director Harinath Babu on the sets of Okka Magadu. He praised Harinath Babu’s talent for storytelling to Teja. Director Teja asked Harinath to join his team and narrated the story of Keka movie. Harinath was inspired by the narrating style of Teja and his clarity and to the point approach to the story. It influenced Harinath to understand how to tell a story to the listening audience. During the developmental stages of the Keka script, Harinath got the opportunity to work with Krishna Vamsi on his script, Rudraksha (did not materialise into a movie) and hence in order to pursue his dream to work with Krishna Vamsi, he had to let go of Keka at the preproduction level only.



Director: Dasaradh

Associate Director: Harinath Babu

Through Kiran Kumar (Director, Yours Abhi) Harinath met director Dasarath during the preproduction muhurat puja of the movie Santosham. He met many prominent film fraternity at that event. Harinath became an observant student for the film Santosham from the muhurat puja of the film till the completion of the movie. Harinath joined Dasarth’s team to work for his next project, Sambaram. Harinath worked on a different version of the script. Meanwhile, he also got the opportunity to work as associate director for the movie Yours Abhi directed by Kiran Kumar.

Even though it was for a short span of time, Harinath learned many important scriptwriting tips from the director Dasarath while developing the script for his movie. Dasarath’s down-to-earth nature, the value he gives to friendships and the guidance he gave during script-writing has influenced and motivated Harinath in his career.

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