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Harinath Babu as Helping Hand, in Direction, For Friends - List of films



Director: Madala Venu

Helping Hand: Harinath Babu

Madala Venu had written an article about Ramayana from Sita’s perspective. He planned to make his writeup into a short film. At about the same time, Harinath was looking for direction opportunities. Through a mutual friend, Praneel, Harinath was introduced to Madala Venu. Being a storywriter and a debut director, Venu asked Harinath to help him with the direction of the short film, Seethavalokanam.  As Harinath was passionate about anything to do with the films, he immediately accepted the offer to help Madala Venu and played a very important and key role in the making of the short film, Seethavalokanam.


Kadhile Bommala Katha

Director: Sashidhar Boyapalli

Helping Hand: Harinath Babu

Debut director Sashidhar Boyapalli is known to Harinath Babu through a common friend, Rajashekar during their theatre learning days (around 1999). Over a period of time, Rajashekar and his friends were trying to produce a movie under the direction of Sashidhar. While Harinath was working with Krishna Vamsi, his friends approached him to give his opinion on their story. That story did not materialise into a movie. Harinath (his project with Krishna Vamsi was over) and Sashidhar were looking for opportunities on their own to direct a movie, and simultaneously they also worked on a few scripts of their own, finally coming up with Kadile Bommala Katha script and thought of making it into a bilingual movie. That too did not materialise as there were no takers. Later, Sashidhar found the opportunity to direct Kadile Bommala Katha script into a movie. The story was modified to suit the budget and he almost completed the movie. In its last stages Harinath was asked to help him for various reasons with a song direction and a few scenes in the movie. Harinath gladly obliged even before he himself became a director for his movie, Nuvvu Thopu Raa.

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