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Harinath Babu's work in Television, Other Media

After completing the tasks as an associate director for the movie, Your Abhi, Harinath was seriously looking at direction wanting to experiment all on his own, starting at least with a short film. He was confident that his experience in theatre and as associate director both in television and movies, can be put to test; and he can handle an entire project all by himself. 

The responsibilities of a director involves all the 25 crafts, apart from managing people and finances. As an associate director, one might get a chance to direct a few scenes under the absence or presence of a director, but to be the captain of the ship is altogether a new task. During those days making a short film was very expensive unlike today where one can shoot a short film by using iphones, or small cameras and later edit the movie on one’s own laptop. Hence, a confident Harinath entered television. He handled many different projects in television as director, gained a lot of practical experience, worked with many expert technicians and learnt a lot from them. SS Rajamouli garu and Puri Jaganath garu came through the same path of being assistant directors, television directors and proved their mettle as blockbuster directors in the film-making.

Early Steps in Audiovisual Storytelling 

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