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Mahathma - Story




 Dasu (Srikanth) is a rowdy in a basti in Hyderabad who makes a living out of "settlement of petty issues". A young lawyer named Krishnaveni (Bhavana) gets him bail in a petty case, and their acquaintance soon develops into romance after a series of events. A politician-cum-businesswoman (Jyothi) plans to set up an SEZ in that basti; that move is protested against by dwellers headed by a genuine leader (Sekhar). Meanwhile, a local politician-cum-rowdy leader named Dada (Jaya Prakash Reddy) also protests against the businesswoman and seeks Rs. 200 crores if she wants to set up the SEZ there. Dasu initially believes Dada is a good politician and works for him. When Dada tries to take advantage of Dasu, Dasu realizes his fault and plans to contest against him on a newly floated Mahathma party. The core of the movie is how Krishnavani and local theatre artistes bring about a change in Dasu and make him realize the importance of Mahatma Gandhi's ideology.

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