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Did we know then where we would be today?

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

I can proudly recall my first directorial opportunities and challenges in ETV between 2004 and 2006. They are the best days of my life! I got an opportunity to be a freelance director for ETV. Beyond words I felt honoured and thrilled whenever the chief editor and Producer Ramoji Rao garu used to make me the director of every episode. Program director, Kemuburi Satish Kumar garu used to encourage and support me. I made it a ritual to celebrate the completion of an episode by taking a photograph with the entire team. Yes, this photograph was taken at one such event. I would like to proudly introduce you to some of the team members in the picture who are celebrities today.

Harinath Babu with his entire episode teammates during ETV project
Harinath Babu with his entire episode teammates during ETV project
Let me name a few of the celebrities today in this photo

Sai Krishna

The producer of Gali Sampath movie, Sai Krishna. I was first introduced to him and had known Sai as an artist in 2004. He is a very dedicated person. In almost all my projects, he used to have a role. From that day until now I haven’t seen any difference as a person in him. His journey with Anil Ravipudi became a turning point for his career. From being an artist to producing a movie, it is a huge leap and I am proud of him for that. Whenever I get to talk to him, I feel so good! And I am glad he proved that anything is possible if you work effectively for it!

Govada Venkat

Govada Venkat is known for his plays, dramas, production, direction, actor and the founder of Govada Creations for Plays and Dramas. He carved a place as an actor in different roles both in dramas and movies. He became very popular after he played the character Ambedkar in the movie, Jai Bolo Telangana. He won many awards and felicitations.

I met Venkat as an actor first in my project. In fact, all his family members acted in my project. Even his two children were part of my story and they acted as child artists. Today, I am happy to say that those two children became doctors. Whenever I think of those days it gives me immense pleasure and I am happy that I share the same relationship with his family even today.


Rajesh is currently a news anchor in T News. The best and striking quality I admire in Rajesh is his humbleness. From the time I have known him until now he did not change and remained the same humble person. Even today when we talk, he speaks with the same respect and affectionate tone, nothing has changed. He always expresses his gratitude to me that it was I who introduced him first to face the camera. Whenever I hear him, I feel encouraged and enthusiastic to be of some help to others too.

Rajesh as News anchor in T News
Rajesh as News anchor in T News


In my ETV project, Vinod is both an actor and manager. Today, he’s a newsreader in ETV. Even before ETV, Vinod worked as a manager when I was an assistant and associate in TV medium. We met again in ETV. He supported me a lot and also acted in my project. Today he’s the news presenter in ETV. When I was in directing Nuvvu Thopu Raa and heard that Vinod was in film city too, I called him to say hello. After the news bulletin was over, he came to my film location and talked to me affectionately. I cannot forget that moment even today.

Harinath Babu and Vinod in Ramoji Film City (RFC)
Harinath Babu and Vinod in Ramoji Film City (RFC)


He worked as an actor in my project. Through a dance master I came to know of Vikram (Vikramaditya Reddy). He’s a very good dancer. As an actor and producer, he’s creating content for a YouTube channel.

Srivani (popular anchor and actress) with her husband Vikramaditya Reddy
Srivani (popular anchor and actress) with her husband Vikramaditya Reddy

Mohan Raj Pillay

He is currently the HOD for the Camera Department in a popular News Channel. He’s one of my favourite cameramen. He’s running his own YouTube channel. Whenever we talk, he always goes back to the days when we worked together and says that those were his most memorable moments.

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