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Help Sai Shreemayee D/o Gopal Kishan

A 14-year-old daughter, all bright and cheerful, playing, studying just like all other children and then something happens. The parents are stunned to discover that the girl has a life-threatening illness (multiple brain tumors). The doctors advise an operation and further treatment, all very expensive and the parents cannot even hope to foot the bills on their own. If our child has a minor bruise, we tend to panic. Just imagine the state of mind of my friend Gopal (he has worked for 4 years as Director Maruthi’s assistant director) whose daughter is the 14-year-old I am talking about. Gopal is paralysed by the shocking news and his lack of finance to get his daughter treated and give her a fighting chance to beat her illness. We are a small group of his close friends trying to help him, assuring him he is not alone, that he need not lose all hope. With some money pooled by childhood friends and other well-wishers, the first operation to remove the brain tumours has been successfully performed. For further treatment, will it be difficult for all of us to make determined efforts to raise the required amounts? Will it be difficult for all of us to give courage and hope to the parents and a girl battling today for her life? Let’s all support this cause, each to the extent we can, and give Gopal’s 14-year-old daughter a fighting chance to beat her cancer!

Please click the following link to support:

Financial help is requested for Sai Shreemayee to fight cancer


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