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Sambaram - Story




Ravi (Nitiin) and Geeta (Nikitha) are childhood friends. Ravi is a carefree guy who roams around with friends without concentrating on studies. Geeta is a sincere student who passes engineering. Ravi has feelings for her and everybody in the town is aware of it except for Geeta. When she is asked by Ravi's sister-in-law Seeta when she is planning to marry Ravi, she expresses her surprise and says that they are just friends and she has no feelings for him. She says that she wants her husband to be financially and academically stronger than her. Ravi is devastated after listening to her views. He realizes the importance of being a responsible family member and works as a mechanic to earn money. He becomes proficient in his work and finally gets the visa to work in Dubai where he can prove his money-earning ability despite being away from Geeta. Meanwhile, Geeta's father dies and she starts realizing that it takes more than academics and finances to make a man worthy to be a husband.  When Geeta hears Ravi is going to Dubai to work, she realises her feelings for Ravi and goes to airport and proposes to him. 

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