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Nuvvu Thopu Raa - Story

It's a story about an eccentric, free spirited guy, Suri, with a devil-may-care attitude and a confident, strong-minded middle class girl, Ramya. Even though he falls for her in the first instance he sees her, she takes her time and makes sure she can handle him before she gives her consent. But due to his careless attitude he drives her away by breaking up with her. She moves on with her life, going to the USA. Life takes him on a new journey and he goes to the USA. Facing the hurdles of his life there, he realizes his mistakes, and the value of his mother and her love. He changes his attitude towards life. Realizing that his love for Ramya, the influence she had on his life is the reason for his changeover, he tries to get back with her. Does he win her back? Or is he too late? Finding the purpose of life and discovering his true self and uplifting himself due to his love for Ramya forms the rest of the story.

When he moves away from India ,he starts missing Ramya and his lost emotional connection with his mom is established. Ramya is one of the main motivating factors for Suri to decide to get a green card, but he has only one day - a holiday, that is Ramzaan day - to achieve it since he works in a gas station where he can't afford to take leave. He has 100 days to prepare for that one day. Ramya's self-esteem is shattered when Suri breaks up with her. She can't take the fact that her decision of supporting Suri and loving him madly has been proven wrong, but being a strong-minded women she picks herself up and settles in the USA. The arrogant Suri realizes her importance after he sees hardships in the USA - when Suri meets street criminals and drug peddlers in the USA and tries to go on the wrong paths to get his green card. The only saving grace for Suri to confine him to a righteous path is his love for Ramya and his affection towards his mother.

Ramya plays a pivotal role in Suri's life, trusting him and supporting him, but Suri's male ego dominates his decision of quitting the relationship. Slowly when Suri's ego is crushed by day-to-day hardships, he imagines and sees the WhatsApp display pic of Ramya and finds solace in thoughts of her.

When the main day, Ramzaan, starts, Suri enters into a violent fight, but survives it with the main intention of confessing his love again for Ramya; after that fight he visits Ramya. She is surprised and receives him well but she doesn't know that Suri is already entrapped in a big criminal mess. How a strong-minded girl like Ramya influences an arrogant and reckless Suri and how her love helps Suri to evolve in life and how he realizes the value of humanity, his mother and nation after he moves away from them... that is the rest of the story.

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