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Actor Harinath Babu in Yours Abhi

As an associate director, for the movie, Yours Abhi, Harinath Babu was also in charge of preparing the heroine, Sonali Joshi for the scenes, explaining dialogues in Hindi and taking care of various aspects of her work as the heroine of the movie. Harinath's friend, mentor and director of the movie, Dr Kiran asked him to also play the role of a goon in the movie, who chases the heroine in order to kill her. Harinath gladly agreed. The irony is that in real life he had to take care of all aspects of the heroine's work while filming and in reel life he played a brief goon role to chase and kill her.

A few scenes from the movie, Yours Abhi. In white t-shirt is Harinath Babu as a goon.

ABHI 2.jpg
ABHI 3.jpg
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