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Amigos releasing tomorrow

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Rajendra Reddy Buchireddy brother, I’m thrilled your directorial debut Amigos is releasing tomorrow. Amigos’s teaser, the trailer, the songs have grabbed the attention of millions - these glimpses of your creativity and hard work have raised expectations all around about Amigos. I fervently wish you all the best for all your efforts. I have known you for the past 18 years and so - I recall the numerous stories we discussed, the disappointments and have admired your determination, untiring efforts, honesty and humility in the face of all odds; these traits have undoubtedly led to you to helm a big movie like Amigos. Audiences should flock to theaters to see Amigos - that, bro, will go a long way in fulfilling the dream of your circle of family, friends and well-wishers (including myself!) who dream of seeing your name in the list of top directors of the Indian film industry. I request all my friends here to watch Amigos in theaters and wish him great success!

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