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Movie review, Sita on the road

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Watched Sita on the road last night - I feel I can recommend that you see it too but do silence the fault-finder in you, letting your heart take in what you watch. Praneeth, I appreciate your hard work and patience over many years in making such a woman-centric indie travel film on the different lives of five women, their trials and troubles; your music and BGM stand out.

Gayathri Gupta, you lived your character portraying a range of subtle emotions; all the cast and crew have done a good job. Suresh Kumar Kasukurthi, you had shared long back that you were working for this film. You have done well, man!! Later I met Praneeth bro. My best wishes to the entire team.

Sita on the road, movie review by Harinath Babu

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