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Gamanam, trailer review

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

With the hit film Pelli Choopulu, Raj Kandukuri garu became well-known as a producer with taste. In the Telugu film industry, he has his own special niche as a mentor to some, an elder brother to others and a friend to quite a few. He is approachable, helpful and is known for encouraging new talent, whether for short films or feature films. So, I vibe very well with him as I believe those who have been in the film industry for some time and have experienced the ups and downs of this journey should reach out to newcomers to the industry with words and deeds of support. That will give newcomers the courage to do their best knowing there are industry seniors, well-wishers they can count on. Raj sir and I chat warmly whenever we meet each other at various events.

Harinath Babu reviews the movie Gamanam trailer
Gamanam movie produced by Raj Kandukuri, directed by Sujana Rao

I’m writing these lines after watching the trailer of Gamanam, the second film of his son Shiva Kandukuri, which is going to be released in theatres on 10 Dec, tomorrow. I recall watching Shiva in his debut movie, Choosi Choodangane, when it was released in January 2020, just a couple of months before the start of the long lockdowns to combat the corona pandemic. He had shown good promise as an actor. In his second film, Gamanam, he is playing a young Muslim. From the few glimpses of Shiva in the trailer, I feel he is going to make an impact as an actor. My best wishes to Shiva in his journey to be a good actor! My best wishes for the film’s great success to the producers and the entire team behind Gamanam. I am happy to see the increase in women making their debut as directors - Gamanam is the directorial debut of Sujana Rao; Choosi Choodangane was the first directorial effort of Sesha Sindhu Rao. Interestingly, Ilaiyaraaja sir is scoring the music of Gamanam. The movie also stars Charu Hassan, Shriya Saran, Priyanka Jawalkar and Nithya Menen, among others. Please do watch it in theatres!!

Gamanam, produced by Raj Kandukuri, directed by Sujana Rao
Gamanam, produced by Raj Kandukuri, directed by Sujana Rao

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