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Review of the movie, A (Ad Infinitum)

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Just finished watching the Telugu thriller A (Ad Infinitum) on Amazon Prime.

Not many thrillers are made in Telugu. This is among those worth seeing. Lead debutant actor Nithin Prasanna essays 3 roles with such ease, we can hardly believe this is his first film. Preethi Asrani the leading lady, and Jagan YogiRaj J live their characters. Backed by the good camera work of DOP Praveen K Bangari, decent music by Vijay Kurakula and crisp editing by Anand Pawan and Manikandan A, Director Ugandhar Muni does well in presenting his vision on the big screen.

Harinath Babu movie review on A (Ad Infinitum)
Nithin Prasanna in A (Ad Infinitum) movie poster

I fondly recall Anand Pawan's (a good friend of mine), work as an editor when I was a freelance director in ETV. Do watch A (Ad infinitum) - you won't be disappointed! Best wishes for its success to the entire team behind the movie!

Stay home, stay safe and spend more time watching and enjoying movies rather than news which leads to trauma!!

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