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Review of the movie, Ek Mini Katha

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Just finished watching Ek Mini Katha! Yeah, the title declares it's a small story but it is big, bold, progressive entertainment! The bold storyline has been handled well by Director Karthik Rapolu. Merlapaka Gandhi‘s story and dialogues are a plus, making almost every scene fun. Well-written screenplay by Merlapaka Gandhi and Sheik Dawood G. Music, cinematography and production values (UV Creations) are on par with mainstream films in this OTT movie. Main lead @Santosh Shoban as Santosh and heroine Kavya Thapar as Amrutha are good in their roles. As usual, a decent job done by Harsha Vardhan, @Sudharshan and Brahmaji - the humour quotient worked well. Shraddha Das has a brief role as a godwoman but marks her presence in the film. Kudos to the entire team! Ek Mini Katha is worth a watch.

Director Harinath Babu review on Ek Mini Katha! released on Amazon Prime

The story is about the main lead Santosh's “micro penis syndrome“. His misconceptions about his problem make him try various solutions that do not help. His life takes a turn where he has to get married to a girl who loves him a lot. He decides he has to find the solution to his problem to make her happy. Whether he succeeds or not is the rest of the story.

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