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Review of the movie, Johaar

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Is it right to raise the world's tallest statue by crushing the hopes, dreams and even LIVES of thousands of people? In four parallel stories, Debutant director Teja Marni illustrates in Johaar how Macro decisions can have Micro effects. Can a prostitute's daughter achieve her dream of studying and not end up like her mother? Can a girl in a roadside circus dream of being a runner and achieve it? Can a widow earn enough to pay for the treatment of her young daughter's life-threatening illness? Can an ageing freedom fighter ensure the safety from the rains of the children in the dilapidated hostel he runs for them?

Johaar movie review by Harinath Babu
Johaar Movie - How Macro decisions can have Micro effects

It's a difficult task to be involved both in the production and direction of a movie. I appreciate Teja Marni for doing both tasks well. "Jagadeesh Cheekati, your cinematography is exceptional, enhancing the dramatic intensity of many scenes, and making the movie as a whole a feast for the eyes. Knowing you for the past 12 years, I am proud of your growth in your field." I was also delighted to see my friend, Dayanand Reddy, as the coach for the runner, Bala (played by Naina Ganguly). "Dayanand, I wish you all the best and more success." Of course, it is always a pleasure to see you on the screen, TNR. Music by Priyadarshan Balasubramanian and dialogues by Ram Vamsikrishna are appreciable. Different character and good performance by Chaitanya Krishna. Also Rajasekhar ani Gu. Nice cut by Anwar Ali. Good lyrics by Chaitanya Prasad.

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