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Review of Ghatana from Metro Kathalu

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Are some kinds of one-night stands of married persons morally very bad? Like Manjula's (played by Sana) in Ghatana? Especially when she has turned her back on her drunken husband who has just been hospitalised after an accident? Or, are such one-night stands not that bad, as anyway Manjula asks Varun (played by Ali Reza) never to see her again after the deed? Is Manjula good because she finally goes back to the hospital to attend to her husband? Are one-night stands okay to relieve pent-up frustrations with one's spouse as long as one goes back to the spouse? Is Manjula's behaviour with Varun bad, when she asks him never to see her again? Is Varun bad when he sleeps with her? Is Varun bad when he asks Manjula when he can see her again?

Metro Kathalu movie, Ghatana story review by Harinath Babu
Gattiga gudheyalsindhi, says Manjula (Sana), when Varun (Ali Reza) narrates how her drunken husband and his brother were tottering on the road and how Varun just managed to slam the brakes of his car to avoid running over them.

Choosi nadapaleva, b...d? చూసి నడపలేవా, బాస్టర్డ్? Em family...drunken b...ds! Ardha raatri puta wine shop open chesi pettina l...kodaku.. evado? అర్ధ రాత్రి పూట వైన్ షాప్ ఓపెన్ చేసి పెట్టిన ల...కొడుకు ఎవడో? Aayina, ee midnight rodu meedha neekem pani? అయినా ఈ మిడ్నైట్ రోడ్డు మీద నీకేం పని? In the first 3 minutes of Ghatana, Sana (as Manjula) breathes so much fire and frustration that we are left transfixed like the others around her in the movie, waiting a bit anxiously about what she is going to say or do next. It's Sana all the way in Ghatana. Karuna Kumar and Mohammed Khadeer Babu deserve applause for a story that raises many questions about our morals, with Sana's powerful performance inclining us to suspend any judgments about her behaviour. I have seen Sana in other roles before but as a fiery, spirited, frustrated Manjula she is a revelation.

Let's applaud Karuna Kumar for presenting Metro Kathalu - an anthology of 4 stories, each different from the other - a tough task for a director to hold the attention of audiences generally used to one story featuring one hero, one heroine and the ensemble around them. Audiences should welcome and encourage such out of the ordinary storytelling efforts.

As a small token of my appreciation for such novel work, I thought I would write a few lines about each of the stories in separate posts.

Wishing the Metro Kathalu team all the best!

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