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Review of the movie, Play Back

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

I loved the movie Play Back. My heartfelt congratulations to director Hari Prasad Jakka for coming up with a movie having different time periods! Superb performances by all the actors - main lead actors Dinesh Tej, Arjun Kalyan, Ananya Nagalla, Spandana Palli, and TNR! But every time I saw my friend TNR in the film, it felt unreal that he is not with us today.

Block buster movie poster, Play Back

Couldn't help feeling sorrowful. I wished, like in the movie, we could go back in time and correct what has happened to TNR, bringing him back to be with us - what do you say,

Hari prasad Jakka ? Cheers to the entire cast and crew. Especially for the music by Syed Kamran, edit by Nageswarareddy Bonthala for treating us to such a nice film! The film is definitely worth a watch. Those who have known TNR will also feel like TNR is with us!

The storyline is about connecting to two different time periods with an old landline. The character played by Dinesh Tej witnesses the two time zones, 1993 and now. If the past is corrected, the present changes accordingly. What does he want to correct in the past? Why does he want to correct it? Whether he succeeds or not is the rest of the story.

Teaser poster of Play Back movie in aha channel

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