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Review of the movie, Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Spent an idyllic couple of hours watching Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya. The movie moves at a mostly gentle pace with many moments of wry humour, some quick, realistic action scenes, many well-portrayed moments of the range of human emotions. venkatesh maha draws out good performances from the cast - Satyadev lives the character of Uma Maheswar Rao, a young man who can't help looking and being gentle - even when faced with the loss of his first love, when angry, when seeking revenge, when fighting... Naresh as Babji shows he is one of the best character artists in Indian cinema today. This being her debut film, Roopa Koduvayur makes a good impact with her expressiveness and energetic dancing. My dear friend TNR carries himself well as Nancharaya. Korra Suhas is good as Suhas. Ravindra Vijay as Jognath the inveterate fighter impresses. Chandana Koppisetti and Kushalini Pulapa also make a good debut. Sreedhar Reddy Nalla, Ajay Vegesna, Karuna Kumar among others do well in their roles.

Some memorable moments

Among the Moments that left a mark - 1. The almost true-to-life fight scenes keep you on the edge of your seat, worrying for the guys who are getting beaten!

Among the Moments that left a mark - 2. Why did I have to do this? Have I beaten him up very badly? Feel so lousy at the end of it! - Uma Maheswara (Satyadev) seems to be thinking. Babji (Naresh), in contrast, is so exuberant and overjoyed! Isn't it rare to see winners of fights in movies look so woebegone?

Among the Moments that left a mark - 3. As Babji, Naresh just bowled me over - what a fine actor!

Among the Moments that left a mark - 4. Didn't you find the last scenes amusing - where Uma Maheswar visits Jognath after thrashing him and very serenely tells Jognath, "Jyothi (Jognath's sister) and I are in love with each other"? The expression on Jognath's face is worth watching when Uma Maheswar says, "I want to marry her", "What do you say, Jognath?"

Among the Moments that left a mark - 5.The gentle pace of the movie is for a few minutes all livened up by the flash mob dance of an effervescent Roopa and her troupe of dancers.

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