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Madness from SIN web series, story review

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Helmed by my dear friend Naveen Medaram and starring another good friend Thiruveer, Sin, one of the web series streaming on Aha has a mature, adult theme with quite a few well-handled moments. Appreciate Naveen for taking up such a theme - the ending took me by surprise! Thiruveer moves easily between being meek and quiet and beastly and violent - he deserves a big round of applause! Deepti Sati's performance is another highlight of the series. Cheers to Producer Sharrath Marar sir for a bold presentation!

Madness story from Sin web series. Actor Thiruveer, Jeniffer Piccinato  and Deepti Sati
Jeniffer Piccinato and Thiruveer from Sin web series

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