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Book launch, Nijangaa Nenenaa

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Director Harinath Babu with author Srinu Pandranki at his book launch Nijangaa Nenenaa at Prasad Labs
Harinath with Srinu Pandranki at నిజంగా నేనేనా...bookrelease event

I’ve been in touch with Srinu for many years in social media and have met him in person a few times. He has done many short films within and outside India. Through the Clubhouse app, we grew closer, animatedly discussing various topics related to film-making and, also, other general subjects. We discovered we have quite a few things in common - ideas and interests. He is a very talented director and writer.

Director Harinath Babu with many famous film fraternities at the book launch of నిజంగా నేనేనా...(Nijangaa Nenenaa) authored by Srinu Pandranki at Prasad Labs
Celebrities at నిజంగా నేనేనా...(Nijangaa Nenenaa) book launch - VN Aditya director, Laxmi Bhoopal Writer, Sairajesh director (Hrudaya Kaleyam), Vamsi Chaganti actor, Anand Ravi (actpr and director), Bharath Kamma (Dear Comrade film director)), Nagu Gavara director and many more film fraternities

Harinath Babu with other celebrities having a lighter moment at the launch of Srinu Pandranki's novel, నిజంగా నేనేనా...
Fun moments - Harinath Babu with other celebrities at the launch of Srinu Pandranki's novel, నిజంగా నేనేనా

Yesterday’s event - the launch of his novel Nijangaa nenenaa… - showed how much the film fraternity loves him. So many directors, actors, writers and technicians came to greet and wish him all success with his new novel! My best wishes to you, Srinu Pandranki- wish you all the very best and I hope and fervently wish to celebrate the success of your debut film in a grand event by next year in the same premises!

I was glad to be part of such a wonderful event. It was a fantastic feeling to meet many of my friends and well-wishers in the film industry.

Pics credit: @Saikiran Kore!!

The book is available on Buy it and read it!! I’ve already started reading it!

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