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My Happy Birthday Wish

Updated: Feb 2, 2022


“Let’s celebrate your birthday”, whooped everyone in our office. “Is this the right time for such a celebration?” I couldn’t help thinking. The corona pandemic has affected all of us in one way or the other - socially, financially, professionally, or, even, health-wise, and restricted our freedom to move around peacefully without anxiety. Yes, I agree life has to go on and we need to war against our woes, but... am I being a party-pooper by saying NO to my birthday celebrations?

Harinath Babu
Looking at the world gone askew, I'm hoping and praying things will return to normal soon!

Anyway, YES, this year I do have a birthday wish, also a prayer…

"I wish with all my heart and soul that every one of us, each of my well-wishers, friends, colleagues, near and dear, should emerge soon from the shadow of this pandemic and lead our normal, anxiety-free lives."

"I pray to the Almighty for the safety, good health and happiness of all whom I know and all whom I don’t know."

Next year, I look forward to celebrating my birthday with all of you.

If you would like to wish me today, I have a special request: Please pray for a minute for the well-being of the world, and, pledge once more, “I will continue to follow without fail all the practices for preventing the pandemic’s spread”.

DO comment that you have and I will be very happy. Thank you.

"Nana, I'm baking your birthday cake this year. No buying from any bakery" So there's my younger daughter's gift to me! So happy, so proud!!!

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