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Unfair God to take our TNR

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Am so stricken with grief, words fail me....can't believe my colleague, my friend TNR (Thummala Narsimha Reddy) is no more; another casualty of the pandemic. For most, just one number added to the toll taken by this raging virus. For his dear friends, his family, his colleagues, his acquaintances, a grievous loss - not fair, O Almighty, sorry to disagree with your plans! You’ve taken him away too early, just when after years of making him struggle, you seemed to be letting him see better days. Am shaken, can't stop the tears...

May his soul rest in peace!

Harinath Babu mourning the death of his dear friend and colleague, Thummala Narsimha Reddy fondly called TNR
Harinath Babu with Thummala Narsimha Reddy

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