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Heartbroken at the loss of Sai Balaji

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Harinath Babu heartfelt tributes to Director Sai Balaji who died of corona virus
Director Sai Balaji

Heartbroken on hearing about film director Sai Balaji garu's demise caused by the Corona virus, it has taken me quite a while to collect myself and pay my tributes to him. I remember we had bonded very quickly when I met Sai Balaji garu for the first time - I was working for YVS Chowdary garu for Okka Magadu. He appreciated me for my inclination towards technology and film-making; we had long discussions about filming and he warmly shared his experiences in the industry! Later, around 2008, I got a call from him asking me whether I would be interested in working for Krishna Vamsi garu! Which aspiring director or film enthusiast would let go of a chance to work with him in at least one film? I was on cloud nine - Sai Balaji garu had made my fondest dream come true, to work with the legendary, creative director Krishna Vamsi garu (for the film Sasirekha Parinayam).

I recall the amazing time I had while working with Sai Balaji garu for Rudhraksha, a script for Krishna Vamsi garu. The movie was not made; later Sasirekha Parinayam was started. Sai Balaji garu had directed movies such as Orey Thammudu, Shivaji and Jai Sriram.

Am devastated that a warm and helpful person like Sai Balaji garu is no more today, whisked away from us by the Corona virus. We are losing so many people we love and respect to this pandemic!! Don't we all feel helpless that all we can do is wish and pray to god to end this raging infection?

Please get vaccinated, wear masks, stay home as much as you can!

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