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Am I a Villain in your eyes?

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Harinath Babu, villain or police officer or military personnel?
Harinath Babu, a villain or a police officer or a military personnel?

I overheard some say that I look like a villain. It did not stop there, they compared me with some of the best villains on screen. I was amused and pleased at the same time. As some of them also said that I look like a police officer or a military personnel.

Just a few mm increase in my mustache had changed my entire personality in the eyes of others.

So, can I say, looks do matter and not only our personality but even our profession is determined by the way we look to most people ?

Well, I believe I am a hero in my story!

There is none who cannot teach somebody something, and there is none so excellent but he is excelled. - Baltsar Gracian

I am me, having fun ;-). So many changes as the time passes. Feeling good to find myself again and again going back and forth in time with a glimpse of myself in each of these photos. As I am in the making of myself, I am going to present more photos, finding more smiles, more moments, more journeys, more paths,...and more as my life goes on.

As George Bernard Shaw aptly said - Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.


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