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Rangamarthanda is releasing tomorrow, 22 March 2023

Updated: Apr 21

In the Telugu film industry, Krishna Vamsi Sir’s byname is Creative Director - a result of his original, imaginative work in a number of films over the years. Working in his film Shashirekha Parinayam was a dream come true for me. I'm glad I had the opportunity to also work with him on another script for a few months before Shashirekha Parinayam. I'll never forget his kindness and love for me on the day he personally called our team and told us that I'd be monitoring the scenes of Shashirekha Parinayam on location, forcing me to learn filmmaking techniques.

The experience I had with KV Sir, his attitude towards the team, and his knowledge of various crafts inspired me to learn a lot about filmmaking. Undoubtedly working with and learning from him has played a significant role in my confidence as a director for my debut film Nuvvu Thopu Raa.

With Director Krishna Vamsi
Harinath Babu, Krishna Vamsi Sir, Tarun

Now that his latest film Rangamarthanda is releasing tomorrow (22 Mar 23), those of us who have worked in and loved his films are in a celebratory mood and warmly wish him great success with the film. Already, the film’s preview screenings and reviews have raised a lot of expectations. I firmly believe that even though the film is a remake of a Marathi film, KV Sir must have rewritten and executed it in his original, creative style. I truly hope KV Sir's film is a huge success, paving the way for more such films and inspiring more people like me. I should also mention and wish another well-known and successful writer, Annayya Lakshmi Bhupala, whom I met while working for KV Sir. Since then, in all my lows and highs, he has treated me with love and affection as his brother, always wishing for my success. Annayya, I’m sure

you will receive accolades for writing #Shayari in the film. Shyam Kasarla - I've known him since my days in the theater arts. A lovely and humble human being, as well as a rising lyricist. Shyam Kasarla, I am overjoyed for you. You gained recognition as a lyricist with the song Neelapuri gajulu in KV Sir's film Mahatma. Now, you are also part of Rangamarthanda. I wish you continued success and greater heights. I wish the entire team great success. Please only watch the film in theaters tomorrow.


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